Fight for Justice - Not just for Ruchika, but for society!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Chetan Bhawani
Ruchika Girhotra was an innocent girl, an upcoming tennis player for the nation from Haryana. Was molested by a policeman in 1990, then was harassed by him, threatened so that she doesn't complaint about him. Her whole family was played with, in the same matter and she finally committed suicide after 3 years. Her friend Anuradha, still fighting for justice for Ruchika sees no justice in the case filed against the accused.

The former DGP of Haryana, SPS Rathore was given a sentence for 6 months, and due to the appeal from higher court, was released on bail in just a few minutes. Rathore enjoyed the life with the name of law and police, for 19 years and got promoted in his duties to become one of the best police officer in Haryana. But his evil acts would not be ever hidden. We, along with Aradhana would fight for Ruchika, fight for the society so that we don't see any other case of injustice in future.

We still appeal for justice and Rathore should be given a higher punishment for the things he did. Molested the girl, then jailed her brother for several cases of theft, the girl was expelled from school for all this happening, and in the end committed suicide.

All the Mumbaikars, join hands to fight for the society, vote below and comment at the Desi Dilwale gang site for justice.
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1 comments: Fight for Justice - Not just for Ruchika, but for society!

Hipp Hopper said...
December 23, 2009 at 6:46 AM

its really sad to see that people with power continue to abuse it while the commoners suffer silently even after 63 years of independence.