(3/8) HOPE RUNS - for those vulnerable children

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 harish iyer
“He forced his penis into my mouth. I moved away and started crying loudly. He told me that he would kill me and everyone in my family if I didn't shut up. He then asked me to suck his penis again and this time, I did it. He lifted and took me out. He pushed me on the bed, turned me around and then raped me. He continued to rape me for 11 more years.” - Harish Iyer, adult survivor of child sexual abuse
Children are often sworn into secrecy by abusers using some kind of threat. Children feel scared and succumb to keeping quiet and doing what the abuser asks them to do.
ARPAN, an NGO teaches children not to keep unsafe secrets but to go and tell a trusted adult and keep telling till they get the help they need. ARPAN has taught over a 1000 children, skills to protect themselves from sexual abuse and need your support to reach out to thousands of more children including yours.

Harish is running for ARPAN in the Mumbai Marathon on 17th January, 2010 to support Arpan's work on preventing child sexual abuse and healing it’s ill effects.
Help him raise funds for ARPAN. Funds collected will be used for teaching children skills to protect themselves from sexual abuse and help child and adult victims heal through counseling and therapy.
Funds collected so far – Rs. 31,100/-      Target amount – Rs. 1,01,000/-
Donate now.

To pay via cheque, please send cheque in the name of ‘United Way of Mumbai’ to
Unit 24, 2nd flr, 105, Apollo Street, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Mumbai – 23.
To know more about ARPAN visit www.arpan.org.in

Please forward this email to all your contacts and help spread the word around. Thank you.
Watch out for updates here on www.Hope-Runs.blogspot.com 
or Join Arpan's facebook group. -

United Way of Mumbai is the Charity Partner for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2010 and will be sending the receipt and 80 G certificate to you for donations made. Donors outside India can donate but wont get any tax rebate. After the marathon, United Way will give the funds collected to ARPAN. To know more about United Way of Mumbai and the Marathon visit www.unitedwaymumbai.org

Please do share the above mail with as many as you can.

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