(6/8) HOPE RUNS - against prejudice

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 harish iyer
”I confessed about my sexual abuse to a friend. Instead of keeping the confidence, he spread the news. Soon, the walls of the college and the toilet signboards had my name. They didn't see it as sexual abuse. For them, it was fun gay sex. I became a symbol of ridicule. I got branded as gay, because 'I had sex' with my relative. I tried to commit suicide, but survived.” - Harish Iyer, adult survivor of child sexual abuse

If a male child has been sexually abused by a male, or a female child by another female it DOES NOT mean either of them are homosexual.

Due to unawareness on child sexual abuse and gender sexuality, adolescents and adults don’t understand the differences between sexual abuse, homosexual behaviour and homosexual orientation and are unable to respond appropriately.

ARPAN creates awareness on child sexual abuse and teaches appropriate intervention skills and responses that should be given in the event of a disclosure. ARPAN has reached out to over 4000 parents, 700 teachers and mental health professionals so far and needs your support to reach out to many more.

Harish is running for ARPAN in the Mumbai Marathon on 17th January, 2010 to support Arpan's work on preventing child sexual abuse and healing it’s ill effects.

Help him raise funds for ARPAN. Funds collected will be used for teaching children skills to protect themselves from sexual abuse and help child and adult victims heal through counseling and therapy.

Funds collected so far – Rs. 90,200/- Target amount – Rs. 1,01,000/-
Donate now.

Last date to receive cheques - 7th January.
Last date to receive online donations - 9th January.

To pay online click here. http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=146&popup=1&template_id=42
To pay via cheque, please send cheque in the name of ‘United Way of Mumbai’ to
Unit 24, 2nd flr, 105, Apollo Street, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Mumbai – 23.
To know more about ARPAN visit www.arpan.org.in

Please forward this email to all your contacts and help spread the word around. Thank you.
Watch out for updates on www.Hope-Runs.blogspot.com and www.twitter.com/hoperuns. www.facebook.com/hoperun Join Arpan's facebook group. - facebook/arpan
United Way of Mumbai is the Charity Partner for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2010 and will be sending the receipt and 80 G certificate to you for donations made. Donors outside India can donate but wont get any tax rebate. After the marathon, United Way will give the funds collected to ARPAN. To know more about United Way of Mumbai and the Marathon visit www.unitedwaymumbai.org

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