(8/8) HOPE RUNS - cos 'survivors' CAN become 'thrivers'

Saturday, January 16, 2010 Bhuvan
"I started speaking up slowly for animal rights. I then started standing up for myself. I found recognition, and support, and decided to speak up. Sadly, but not to my surprise, I have found many more boys open up to me in anonymity... I help them as much as I can and later direct them to psychotherapists….. I am 30 now. It has taken me years to comprehend that I am not a remnant of my past. I have made a conscious decision to speak about child sexual abuse, because ignorance about sex abuse didn't help me. And the one who wrote 'ignorance is bliss' had the dictum working for him. I cannot be him.”” - Harish Iyer, adult survivor of child sexual abuse

Sadly millions of adult survivors suffer silently. Finding that there are other people who’ve been victims of childhood sexual abuse gives them support and HOPE that they are not alone and sharing becomes the first step to healing.

Ignorance is not bliss….. repressed memories and emotions of traumatic experiences eventually percolate into an individual’s thoughts and belief systems affecting him/her at every level; emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, leading to many other problems. It is important to deal with these emotions and memories and negate them through therapy so that they stop having harmful effects on the individual.
Survivors CAN become ’thrivers’ and lead lives of peace and happiness.

And though the light at the end of the tunnel seems far we CAN get there. We WILL get there. One day.

Yes, there is HOPE.

Harish’s story has helped lots of other adult survivors find some solace in the fact that they are not alone. Countless people have called him even through this campaign to share their experiences and find support. There are many more adult survivors who’ve faced such severe sexual abuse. Each story is as shocking and painful as this has been.

Harish is a symbol of courage and determination and we applaud individuals like him who’ve helped bring the issue to light.

Watch out for our ‘DREAM MAKER’ Harish running with the Arpan banner during the marathon on 17th January and do cheer him!

We have crossed our target amount of Rs. 1,01,000/- and raised Rs. 1,10,500/- ! : ‘ )

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We have huge challenges that lie in front of us and knowing that you are with us gives us strength. We hope that you will continue to support us even in the future. Thank you so much!


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